Finding seeds that properly germinate can be an extremely difficult task for many hemp farmers. If your farm ends up planting the incorrect hemp seeds, you could potentially ruin your harvest. Even if you purchase seeds from a certified seed bank, you run a real risk of the germination rate being much lower than stated. One study tested a batch of hemp seeds that claimed a rate of 75% germination. After testing, the real germination rate was closer to 60%.

A customer approached us who was looking to improve their hemp seed germination rate. They understood that their farming operation needed the highest quality seeds. Any leftover seeds could be sold at a premium. Our team separated and sorted the seeds in order to find the seeds that have the highest chance of germinating. We performed seed cleaning and conditioning to improve their overall seed germination rate.

When you harvest seed from your biomass it can contain trash, leaves, weed segments, other crop seeds – and it may even contain insects. Without removing these foreign substances, the hemp seed cannot be properly stored, handled, or cleaned. The seed conditioning process will properly remove all of the substances that prevent proper seed cleaning.

The HPP team used the highest quality seed cleaners, gravity separators, and optical sorters in order to identify the seeds with the highest germination rate. The customer was thrilled with the end result of the process. 

We have helped countless farmers and extractors sort their seeds, and our team has a solution for a farmer of every size. Whether you need 500 pounds of seed cleaned and separated or 500,000 pounds, we can handle it. You will be left with seeds that have the highest germination rate possible.

Take a look at the seed germination report below. You can see exactly how HPP’s processes were able to take our customer’s seeds and dramatically improve the germination rates.