American made machinery for American grown Hemp

Specializing in Hemp Decortication, Flower Processing and Seed Cleaning Equipment Sales and Services.

HPP is a proud partner with Hemp Farmers and Extractors. Providing industry leading biomass cleaning
solutions and seed refinement. We help farmers get the most value out of their Hemp Crop.

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Process Overview

Learn more about how our equipment works to produce clean biomass for producers.

About Hemp Processing Partners
Watch for a walk-through of our process and the equipment we use to produce the highest value hemp efficiently and cost-effectively.

Clean Sellable Biomass
Co-Founder Shane Prichard explains the process that allows for a maximum yield of CBD (non-THC) oil from the hemp plant. 

Machinery Sales

HPP offers all the equipment you need for your hemp processing operation, featuring the Wintersteiger LD-350 thresher, exclusively sold in the U.S.

HPP News & Education Center

Seed Germination Report: A Case Study

Finding seeds that properly germinate can be an extremely difficult task for many hemp farmers. If your farm ends up planting the incorrect hemp seeds, you could potentially ruin your harvest. Even if you purchase seeds from a certified seed bank, you run a real risk...

Double Down Ag/Black Canyon Seed

John House and his team at Double Down Ag started growing hemp just a couple of years ago when they saw how grand the opportunity was. The team at Double Down Ag quickly realized that they needed to properly clean and separate their hemp into its respective parts and...

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