American Engineering for a Global Hemp Solution

Specializing in Consulting, Hemp Decortication, Industrial Processing, and System Integrations.

Why We Bet on Hemp

When no one asked us, we created a roadmap and endured the engineering rigor to determine how hemp could capture carbon and lead to net zero by 2050.

What did we find in creating that map? That at current rates, about 2.5% of farmed acres worldwide can readily sequester a gigaton of carbon with hemp. Hemp can provide jobs, drive the economy, and revolutionize environmental, social, and corporate governance.

Through standard farming practices and a facility that repeats itself, HPP has a scalable process in place to get to a gigaton of carbon removal.

The solution for industrial hemp exists, but the business model is not in place to get us there, yet. We are prepared to create the infrastructure to farm over 100 million acres in the world.

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