A native of Colorado and a graduate of Colorado State University, Shane is a licensed Professional Engineer with extensive experience in machine and system design as well as leadership in research and development teams. Prior to developing hemp processing systems, Shane was the Chief Engineer for Oliver Manufacturing, leading the development of state-of-the-art seed conditioning and separation equipment used around the world. He has a broad network of equipment manufacturing contacts both in the US and abroad and has set up equipment on 6 continents. Shane has also developed deep roots into the industrial hemp ecosystem with connections to growers and processors of all facets of the hemp plant. For this morning, we’ll talk about: New processing facilities Difficulties with standards Cooperation of processors to chase bigger contracts International growth #liveBroadcast #movinghempforward #hempisourfuture #hemp #globalhempassociation #friendsofhemp #hempprocessingpartners #facilities #processing #processors #manufacturing