Engineering Solutions

HPP provides proven industry leading large-scale hemp separation and decortication technologies. 


Hemp Processing Partners was established to connect scaled industrial farmers, producers, and manufacturers to the necessary technology required for market profitability.

HPP is fully invested in the success of the hemp industry. We see the hemp industry as an alliance and want industrial hemp to become a leading commodity in the world economy and sustainable ecosystems. Simply put, our mission is to ensure the profitability of hemp from processing infrastructure design, planning, farming, material fraction specifications, and monetization of this incredible crop.

The solution for industrial hemp exists, but the business model is not in place to get us there, yet. Through standard farming practices and a facility that repeats itself, HPP has a scalable process in place and we are prepared to create the infrastructure to farm over 100 million acres in the world.



The process of fiber separation mechanically separates the fibers of the hemp plant. Our mill machinery has the flexibility to process both retted and non-retted hemp to turn out the most aesthetically pleasing hemp fibers. Those fibers will go on to be used in a multitude of products, from textiles and building materials to animal bedding and oil spill cleanup. 


We take a full plant monetization approach to processing raw hemp. HPP’s processing lines deliver seed, flower, bast fiber, and hurd in separate clean fractions. Our concentration has been on quality and consistency at high thruput capacities. The equipment has been designed with high-duty cycles that match the current demands of traditional commodity processing.


Proper post-harvest processing is critical to maximizing yield, longevity, vigor, and overall quality of the seed crop. Contrary to typical hemp processing practices, our systems are among the few that take the extra steps to condition and treat the hemp seeds in a complete process of preparing the seeds for planting.


Our team takes a thoughtful engineering approach to solving problems in the industry. We are focused on the most efficient solutions for industrial hemp. We see industrial hemp becoming a leading commodity in the world, and our team members are fully committed to the cause. Simply put, Hemp Processing Partners works to ensure the profitability of hemp from business planning to farming and processing.

The HPP and IKG Industries relationship has been born of two entities with aligned goals for the global promotion of industrial hemp. Through the introduction HPP’s technology and the strategic multi-market focus of IKG, Australian consumers and businesses join us in the implementation of industrial hemp cropping and processing at scale.

Hemp Processing Partners and National Hemp Growers Cooperative work together to develop operations for hemp processing equipment for members of the NHGC across the United States to build wealth in the hemp industry. 

The ECE Liberating Mill provides the ability to process large volumes of retted or un-retted hemp, offers easy maintenance, and low-cost wear parts. Through this partnership, HPP is the exclusive distributor and engineering partner for all things hemp.

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The Kice family has owned and operated Kice Industries Inc. since it was established in 1946. Since then, HPP was the first to ever be co-branded with Kice. Together, we built a solution to remove seeds and sticks from the hemp plant material and break up the remaining buds to liberate and remove seeds.