About Us: Why We Exist

Hemp Processing Partners was started by a team of engineers and agri-business people with a passion for making things work. 

Our team had been working with Canadian hemp producers for years when the hemp industry took off in our home state of Colorado. HPP was approached by several new hemp producers and we knew we had a great deal of experience in the worldwide seed industry to mitigate others’ hemp material challenges. In a short period of time, it became clear that our experience and connections allowed us to help these producers dramatically increase the value of their crops as well as increase their processing capacities.

Hemp Processing Partners brings decades of combined experience in handling seed and biomass to the hemp industry. Our team has worked in 5 continents with dozens of different customers and materials. HPP is proud to claim connections with the best European and American manufacturers of processing equipment along with a deep understanding of machinery and hemp materials. Due to our extensive experience in research and development, we are not afraid to dig into a unique problem in order to develop a custom solution. Our approach is intentionally hands-on: we spend ample time in clients’ facilities, determining what their true needs are and optimizing the operation of purchased equipment to generate maximum value from the material.

HPP offers everything from consultation to turn-key solutions for processing seed and biomass. Our team is always investigating new technology and better ways to apply existing technology, so don’t be surprised if you seed us out in the field, at a trade show or visiting manufacturers around the world!