Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I improve my seed germination rate?

Seed germination rates will dramatically improve when you extensively clean and condition your seeds. Our team uses state-of-the-art seed cleaners, gravity separators, and optical sorters to refine seeds with high germination rates and eliminate low germination rate seeds.

Can you remove seed from my biomass?

Yes! We separate the biomass into seeds, flowers, and sticks to increase the overall value of your hemp.

How much can you improve my CBD percentage?

By cleaning and separating the biomass, CBD content can increase anywhere from 25%-50%. An additional benefit is the 30%-40% reduction in wax content after the separation process.

How much loss should I expect from my biomass?

For dirty biomass, you can expect about a 20-30% loss from dirty to clean; this material is inclusive of stick/stem, seed etc. Moisture content throughout the process can vary as much as 10% loss of weight from start to finish.

Can you process full plants?

Yes, we have the ability to combine or thresh Hemp prior to cleaning and separation.

Can you process wet plants?

When the plants are wet there is no effective separation between the seed and flower, which leaves biomass on the sticks. The hemp has to be dried beforehand in order for the process to be effective. We do offer drying solutions at select locations. Please contact us for drying solutions and services. 

What are the general power requirements?

Generally, the systems we use run on 3-phase power at 460 volts. Systems for smaller operations use about 15-20 amps, while systems for larger operations will utilize up to 100 amps.

Does it take a large investment to get started?

No, we will work within your specific budget requirements. Whether you are looking to invest $5 million or $50,000, our team will develop a customized solution that is tailored to your individual needs. We offer cleaning services by the hour or by the pound if equipment ownership is not part of your plan or you have a smaller project to accomplish.

Do you sell equipment?

Yes, we sell the equipment necessary for your operations. However, we will never sell you any piece of equipment that you do not need and commit to working directly with you to find out which equipment is best for your operations.

Do you process by the pound or the hour?

All seed lab services are processed by the hour. Biomass cleaning and separation services are calculated by incoming weight of material and are charged by the pound.