John House and his team at Double Down Ag started growing hemp just a couple of years ago when they saw how grand the opportunity was. The team at Double Down Ag quickly realized that they needed to properly clean and separate their hemp into its respective parts and that this would be a key part of their business. John House reached out to Hemp Processing Partners in order to find the right engineered solutions for their business.

The team at Hemp Processing Partners worked closely with Double Down Ag in order to identify their needs and requirements for drying the hemp and separating the hemp into its most valuable components. HPP identified what exactly Double Down Ag needed, then was able to set up the company’s entire operation and teach them how to properly utilize their new equipment.  

Their team is now able to offer industrial hemp drying services and biomass separation at their facility in Colorado. To further improve efficiency, a delta drying floor was installed in their massive facility in order to dry thousands of pounds of hemp at one time. Up to 156 bales of hemp can be dried at one time, and the dried hemp can then be properly stored in the facility without any fear of weather ruining the product.

After the hemp is dried, the team at Double Down Ag can now break down the bales of hemp into their three main components: seeds, stalks, and flowers. HPP supplied them with the proper separating and processing equipment in order to process hundreds of tons of material each week. The harvested hemp is first fed into a rotary drum screener, where the material passes through a multi-aspirator in the rotary drum screener that separates seed from flower by utilizing air. The larger material that passes through the rotary drummer screener is then fed into a piece of equipment called a bud buster.

If there are any remaining buds on the stalks, the bud buster will strip them off of the stalk to break them up and harvest any seeds present in the buds. The seeds and sticks will be separated from the rest of the biomass. The material flows into a cyclone separator to separate the flower from the airflow, and the flower can then be properly processed into CBD hemp oil. The baghouse filter subsequently captures any remaining keef that is still present in the airflow. Double Down Ag now has a process where they essentially do not lose any of their hemp product. 

HPP has the ability to scale processing up to 15,000 pounds an hour. No matter if you are a farmer that is just starting off in the hemp growing business or a massive agricultural facility, HPP can develop a customized solution that works for your needs.