Seed Lab

State of the art lab where we clean, sort, and count seed.

Welcome to the Hemp Processing Partners Seed Lab

HPP has the most complete and state of the art Hemp seed lab in the United States. We operate, demo and sell this top of the line equipment day in and day out. Whether your Hemp is bucked, chopped or whole plants we can tackle it all. The plant material is broken down and separated in our 3 step process that yields clean viable seed that is ready to plant or sell to market. We can take the most impure array of seed and refine it to a 99.8% Purity of inert matter and up to a 98% germination rate. We offer hourly rental of each machine in our lab as well as distribute all machinery you see in the lab. Our operators take the most care possible to ensure you have the best result at the end of all your hard work.

Seed Lab Services

1. Seed Cleaning: Petkus MP200

This machine is 3 steps all wrapped into one. As material is fed into the machine, air aspirates inert matter from seed. The table shakes over variable sized screens to separate small and large debris. Lastly an indent spinning drum finishes the seed separating any fine stem or bud material from clean seed. Post threshed seed/material goes in and clean usable seed comes out. No additional cleaning required after this step. Captures 100% of material from input to output!

2. Density Separation: Petkus G05

Clean seed is then run on our Gravity/Density separator. Using air, inclination in conjunction with the shaker table, seed is separated from one another based on each seeds weight. Light seed falls to the bottom of the table and heavy seed jumps to the top of the table. As the seed falls off the end of the table we are capturing each grade of seed into separate containers. Heavy seed is typically better than 95% viable where as the light seed can be as low as 55% viable. A cut is established during the run as to not mix heavy and light seed. Some lots of seed can contain a high percentage of lights where some lots have very little lights. We can typically Grade see as A, B and C grades based on their density.

3. Color Sorting: VMEK Matrix

For customers looking to really tune up their seed refinement we offer color sorting. In this step we can pull seed from the lot based on their color. We also color sort small lots of seed over density separation in many cases. As the seed rains past the machine’s cameras, a split second burst of air ejects seed from the lot.

4. Counting: Data Technology S25+ & S60+

The S25+ counts up to 7,000 seed per minute. The S60+ counts up to 21,000 seed per minute. Each machine uses air to blow out an inert matter from the counting cameras. Touch screen interface with printer allows us to label seed with pertinent information. Count 100 seeds into a bag or 100,000 seed into a bag. Very accurate and efficient machines.

5. Small Lot Seed Cleaner: The MLN

A perfect cleaner for small lots of seed. The debearded rubs the seed before it goes through the air cleaner. Once cleaned, seed is screen sized via a shaker tray to separate small and large screenings from clean seed. We use this to polish seed and run multiple lots with quick machine cleanouts between cleaning runs.

Clean Graded Seed

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